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How Your Donations and
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Old Harbor Lifesaving Station (furnishing) Province Lands Visitor Center (keeping it open during sequester) Penniman House (painting) Red Maple Swamp Trail (rebuilding) Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail (rehabbing)

Our Next Big Improvement Project!

You can help Friends and the Park repair sections of the popular and picturesque Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail near the Marconi Site. Last year, the generosity of our donors enabled Friends to help re-open the Red Maple Swamp Trail at Fort Hill that had been closed for several years due to structural deterioration and safety concerns. Our goal this year is to help fund reconstruction of the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail to prevent it falling into a state of disrepair that could risk its closure to the public.

Thanks, Pond Lovers!

Friends has matched the $10,000 challenge grant to improve ponds in the Seashore. Thank you to our anonymous challenge grant initiator and to all who stepped up to help us meet this ambitious goal. We appreciate your generosity.

Protect and Preserve our Ponds

The $20,000 raised will provide a needed boost to improve resource protection and public access. Work will start in the spring on five of our beloved ponds:

Wellfleet Truro Provincetown
  • Dyer Pond
  • Duck Pond
  • Snow Pond
  • Great Pond
  • Beech Forest Pond

Critical improvements to maintain the health of these ponds include removing hazardous trees, controlling access points, installing fencing, and planting native shrubs and biodegradable jute netting to restore shoreline vegetation.

Before and After Images of Truro's Great Pond

Before and After Truro's Great Pond

(photo courtesy of the National Park Service)

Salt Pond (photo by Heather Hill)

Coast Guard Beach (photo by Heather Hill)

FRIENDS of the Cape Cod National Seashore is a non-profit organization of dedicated individuals who have a very special love and respect for this spectacular National Park.

FRIENDS responsibilities and activities include:

  • Promoting the educational, environmental, historical and other purposes of the Cape Cod National Seashore.
  • Assisting in the provision of interpretive programs for visitors to the park.
  • Providing volunteers for important projects such as natural resources programs and trail maintenance.
  • Encouraging private donations to support seashore programs.
  • Managing several special funds that contribute to important educational, archival and research projects in the seashore.
Salt Pond (photo by Ross Johnston)

Salt Pond (photo by Ross Johnston)

Wayside Exhibits for Province Lands Bike Trail

The Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore is excited to see the newly completed wayside exhibits which we funded for the Province Lands bike trail.

Click on images below to view more readable (and zoomable) pdf version of Wayside exhibits.

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