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January-February, 2012 

    In 2012, Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore will celebrate an important milestone, its 25th Anniversary. This Anniversary provides an opportunity for reflection on both the past and the future. Some members will recall the stabilization of Truro's Cranberry Bog House and support for the Marconi Centennial Celebration.


   More recently, the annual publication of the Friends Magazine and the achievement of the two-year $120,000 capital campaign to fully refurnish Old Harbor brought increased attention to the work of the Friends.


    However, there is much more to do. Federal support dedicated to the National Parks will continue to pale in comparison to the needs of these national treasures. The Friends Board of Directors sees the 25th Anniversary as an unprecedented opportunity to redouble our efforts to preserve, protect, and enhance the fragile environment of our beloved National Seashore.


nbsp;   Plans are in the works for a year-long celebration of Friends' 25th Anniversary.  JOIN US!


Richard Spokes


Old Harbor shot



    The Friends' two-year capital campaign to raise funds to refurnish the interior of Old Harbor Life-Saving Station is essentially complete! Friends raised $120,000 due to the generosity of its members and other donors. The fact that we have received so many in-kind donations of artifacts of the 1901 era aided Friends in the completion of the campaign, and is very much appreciated.  The newly refurbished station has been extremely well received by all who have seen it, resulting in a marked increase in the number of visitors in 2011.


    If you have not yet seen the transformation at Old Harbor, we encourage you to visit in 2012 when the station reopens in mid-May. Old Harbor becomes the only historical life-saving station of its type in the U.S. that is completely refurnished, bringing to life this remarkable era of American maritime history.


 Old Harbor Sink and Pump  

Here is a serendipitous story about the acquisition of the kitchen pump and sink for Old Harbor:


    "Back in late August of 2011, it was clear to me that we should pursue finding and funding a kitchen sink, hand pump, and drain board as per the 1898 specs for building Old Harbor Station. I had hoped to have the sink and stand all in place in time for the re-dedication event that was to be held in September. I searched the Internet for a Gould's of Seneca Falls, NY hand pump of the era, and found one on eBay for less than $80.00. But, I was expecting to have to go to a local welder to have the 'pressed steel, galvanized, 18" x 30" x 6" sink' made for us.  


   "Shortly after receiving the pump, I happened to cruise through the metal pile at the Eastham Transfer Station, as I have been known to do with some regularity (and success I might add.) There, right in front of me, lay a pressed steel sink of the absolute correct dimensions! Big time find! I had researched such sinks on the Internet and discovered that they were no longer being made. So, I started to build the wooden structure that was needed to hold the pump and sink.


    "The specs also called for a 'hardwood drain board.'  Friends board member and Keeper Dave Spang gave me a section of glued-up maple that he just happened to have saved from somewhere, which I cut down to the right size. I only had to buy a new router bit with which to cut the grooves, and before you knew it, the whole thing had been sand blasted, painted, assembled and delivered to Old Harbor in time for the rededication event.


   "The total cost was less than $170.00. Talk about serendipity!  The entire fund raising campaign for Old Harbor has been like this. I feel the project was meant to be."


Richard G. Ryder

Cape Cod Lifesaving Historian




     Recently the Friends launched its own page on Facebook.   Our Facebook page will allow the Friends to reach more people that are interested in and share a love of the Cape Cod National Seashore. 


    Facebook logo Posting information on our Facebook page, Friends and our fans can share information with others in our social network.  Currently, we have some photo albums, articles and events.  We plan to expand the information available to our fans and to have them post their own relevant photos, stories, etc. for the rest of the Friends network to enjoy. It is this sharing of information among a common social community that makes Facebook such an exciting medium.


     As the Friends moves into this fascinating world of social media, we hope that you will join us on the journey.  You can access the Friends Facebook in several ways.  Log onto to the internet and visit www.facebook.com/foccns or go to the main Facebook pagewww.facebook.com  and type "Friends of Cape Cod National Seashore" in the search box.  If you have a Facebook page, please click the "Like" button.  Your friends will see that you Like the Friends of Cape Cod National Seashore and hopefully they will become Fans too!





    Enliven your winter Sunday afternoons by attending the CCNS Annual Winter Film Festival! Brent Ellis, CCNS interpretive ranger, has put together a stellar selection of films with the theme "Our Changing World . . . Real and Imagined."  
    Touching on topics as diverse as the resources and stories of Cape Cod, this film series covers whaling history, marooned shipwreck victims, the Wampanoag People, marine conservation, and a tale with a sci-fi twist. Beginning Sunday, January 22 and showing each Sunday through February 26, the Winter Film Festival will be held in the Salt Pond Visitor Center auditorium at 1:30 PM.
      These FREE films are sponsored by the Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore and run from 1 to 2 hours.  See the left hand column of this e-News for the schedule of films.



    Ice volunteer   

    A Friends' volunteer records ice on Snow Pond, Truro, as part of the Seashore's long-term phenology monitoring study.


    Volunteers are checking three Outer Cape ponds three times each week.  Taken on January 20, 2012, this photograph shows more than 75% of the pond iced over (thin as it may be!)