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November-December, 2011 

    Although the National Seashore's 50th anniversary events are winding down - with the last anniversary exhibit now showing at Salt Pond Visitor Center - the Friends of Cape Cod National Seashore is gearing up for the celebration of its 25th anniversary in 2012. Stay tuned!


  The Friends scavenger hunt was a big hit with ParkChallenge Booklet Cover visitors this summer. The 50th Anniversary Challenge closed on September 30 and the committee has been busy "grading" the entries and awarding prizes.  Two entries received a perfect score of 100: a man from Provincetown and an East Sandwich family effort - a grandmother, her daughter and three grandchildren. Congratulations! In all,  19 entries had a score of 95 or higher.

     Everyone who took the Challenge is certainly now better acquainted with the nooks and crannies of the Seashore.  Several people sent notes expressing their thanks for providing the hunt, saying how much they learned while visiting places they had never seen. Some intend to return to favorite sites on their next visit for further exploration. Some 1400 Challenge booklets were distributed at the visitor centers and Old Harbor over the course of this 50th anniversary summer.


     Special thanks to Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater (W.H.A.T.), Highland Museum and Lighthouse, Art's Dune Tours and the Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown for contributing some of the prizes rewarded.


    See our website for the answers to the 80 questions, as well as the names of the prize winners.




     Peeper Would you like to be a part of real scientific research? The Seashore is seeking a group of dedicated volunteers to assist with data collection for a phenological monitoring study beginning this December. What is phenology?!  It is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena - the timing of life cycle events in organisms.  For example, when a kettle pond freezes or when spring peepers begin to call. One of the questions to explore is whether climate change will affect phenology of Cape Cod's flora and fauna.


    Friends is taking the lead in providing volunteers for this fascinating project; the park will supply the monitoring tools and training.  We still need volunteers for two of the three projects:


    #1   Monitoring various shrubs at Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown and High Head, Truro. March - June, 2012


   #2   Monitoring formation of ice on Snow Pond, Truro, Great Pond and Long Pond, Wellfleet.  December - March 2012


    You may also do your own independent monitoring at a chosen location and add the data to the study.


    We are looking for two or three teams for each location to allow for sufficient coverage and flexibility for volunteers. If interested in volunteering or learning more, please contact Fred Guidi at friendsccns@gmail.com.  To learn more about phenology visit  www.usanpn.org.


Ballston Beach


     Last spring Friends of Cape Cod National Seashore joined forces with Safe Harbor and other groups to restore the coastal dune damaged by severe storm erosion at Truro's Ballston Beach.  

      Friends coordinated contributions for the project and its volunteers helped to install fencing and plant beach grass all along the over-wash. The effort paid off!  During the recent late October storm an extra 3 feet of new sand was deposited on the Ballston Beach dune according to Safe Harbor's founder, Gordon Peabody. The dune's elevation is now nearly 10 feet above what it was 11 months ago.

     (Photo by Gordon Peabody)   



 Province Land  Province Lands Visitor Center will undergo a rehabilitation project this winter to repair and replace the building frame and footings, doors, and windows. This is the first major structural rehab of the building since its construction in 1969.  The beautiful dune setting in which the building sits exposes it to corroding salt air, contributing to its deterioration over the past 40 years. 


     The parking area (with views of Race Point Light and the ocean at the far end,) bike trail access, and restrooms in the parking lot will remain open.  The exterior stairway to the observation deck is closed for the duration of the project.  The visitor center will reopen on May 1, 2012.


Nauset Light 2
Nauset Light     Friends volunteers and the Park's trail crewrepaired the path and steps leading up to Nauset Light on a brilliant October morning as part of a National Public Lands Day project. Check it out